山西整経 /


In the Koto area of ​​Shiga prefecture, where hemp textiles are produced, we have a warping that can handle high-level textiles with little material loss even in small lots in order to meet the growing needs for sophistication and diversification of products. It is a small town factory founded in 1990 with the aim of becoming a company specializing in processing (the process of preparing warp threads for textiles).


Nowadays, all the equipment that handles the work is old, only one very simple partial warping machine and 50 winders that do not look good, neither of which has any special equipment specialized for anything. However, because of this, there is plenty of room for people to enter, and it is possible to respond flexibly, so even now, not only textiles, but also a wide range of fields such as kimono, fabrics, art, industrial materials, cultural properties, traditional crafts, and hand-woven fabrics as a hobby. We supply warp threads to.


Regardless of individual or trader, we warp around spun yarn such as natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool, and recycled fibers such as rayon, from small width to wide width. Please contact us regarding chemical fibers, other fibers (raw silk and glass fiber cannot be warped), different counts, mixed yarns of different counts, special warping such as flat yarn, and division of yarn required for warping. We can also ship small widths and warping of hand machines. Thank you very much.

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