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整経技術者 山西 盛隆 /

1973年 滋賀県出身 麻夜具の生産が盛んな街に産まれる。2001年山西整経入社、同年 後におうみの名工となる近江上布 伝統工芸士(総合部門)大西實氏に師事し手織をはじめる。2009年JFW JAPAN CREATION A/W TEXTILE CONTEST にて弧を描く経糸の織物「円」を発表しグランプリ受賞(経済産業大臣賞)。2016年 川村隆一氏、野々村芙美子氏による審査を経て伝統的工芸品 近江上布(製織部門)の伝統工芸士に認定。2017年 日本アカデミー賞受賞作家 小山薫堂氏率いる LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT にて滋賀の匠に選出される。


Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1973. Born in a town where the production of Mayor is thriving. Joined Yamanishi Seikei in 2001, and started hand-weaving under the guidance of Mr. Minoru Onishi, a traditional craftsman of Omi Jofu (general division) who became a master craftsman of Oumi the same year. In 2009, at JFW JAPAN CREATION A / W TEXTILE CONTEST, he announced the arc-shaped warp woven fabric "Circle" and won the Grand Prix (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award). In 2016, after being examined by Ryuichi Kawamura and Fumiko Nonomura, he was certified as a traditional craftsman of Omi Jofu (weaving department). Selected as a master of Shiga at the LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT led by the 2017 Japan Academy Prize-winning artist Kundō Koyama.

Currently, while making a living in warping, he produces some hemp products and works every day.