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Notes on transaction flow & ordering
We will guide you through the transaction to customers who are considering requesting warping. We also use a convenient warping instruction for your first request, so please take advantage of it.





From the inquiry form, please refer to the warping specifications (including thread type, thread thickness, number of warping threads, warping width, warping length, design outline) and the shape and size of the beam to be wound (cut into pieces). Please contact me.
* The maximum warp width is 170 cm, and the warp length can be ordered according to the amount of thread, so please contact us. Regarding the beam (cut into pieces), it will be smooth if you attach a photo. If you need to have a meeting by phone, please let us know the available time and phone number.



You can use any format to contact us about "warping specifications", but if you don't have one that you usually use, or if you are writing for the first time, you can download our format, so please use it.




Based on the contents entered in the form, we will consider whether we can handle it and contact you within one week with "estimate", "approximate period required for processing" and "required amount of thread to prepare". Please.
* The price of warping is from ¥ 1,5000- (excluding tax). For general threads, stripes with a warp of 3000 or less, warping length of less than 100M, and a pattern of 300 or less, the price is ¥ 1,5000- (excluding tax) / processing. The period required for processing is usually about two weeks. In the case of delivery by shipping, a separate packing fee of ¥ 1,000- and shipping fee are required (steel pipes cannot be shipped).





There are generally four types of warping, "hand warping", "single warping", "partial warping", and "aramaki warping". Suitable for small lot production. Since Yamanishi warping is handled by partial warping, there is inevitably more loss than hand warping, and the shorter the warping length, the greater the ratio.

Here, we can calculate the rough thread length and thread amount required for our company to handle hemp, cotton, and wool, which are used relatively frequently, so we hope that you will find it helpful.

Threads often do not meet the quantity and length indicated on the label due to various environments and factors. After purchase, we recommend that you measure and weigh yourself, or prepare with sufficient margin.





If there is no problem with the contents of the contact, please send us the required amount of thread and the beam (sliced) to be wound (shipping fee will be borne by the customer). If you can bring it in, please let us know the date and time in advance.
* The "approximate period required for processing" that we will contact is the period after we have the warping specifications, the required amount of thread, and the beam (cut into pieces).




We have the specifications for warping, the required amount of thread, and the beam to be wound (cut into pieces), and if there are no problems, we will accept your order, and after contacting you, we will start the warping work. I will. Please note that you cannot cancel after this "Order Acceptance Information".
* There is a problem with the quality of the thread. Alternatively, if it is determined that the work will be hindered due to the condition of the winding beam (cut into pieces), the work will be interrupted and the product will be returned at our expense.




When the work is completed, we will send you a "Notice of work completion and information on payment of processing fee", so please check before making the payment.




If you can make a payment, please contact us with your request for shipping date and time. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will start shipping work. If you would like to pick it up directly, please let us know the date and time.

please note

< 整経加工 ご発注に関するご注意事項 > ※必ずお読みください。


弊社の整経はドラム径250cmの服部部分整経機を使用した部分整経です。アゼは織りはじめに紐アゼ二回、後ろアゼは別途料金が必要です(アゼ回数は減らしても金額に変更はありません)。静電気防止装置、イオン化装置、綾振り、プレスローラー、静糸板、ビリ(撚り溜まり)止めのための装置はありません。 整経巾は作業の性質に加えて、天候、湿度、温度の影響を受け、3%程度の誤差を生じる場合があります。整経長は整経全長であり、織り上げ長(出来上がる布の長さ)ではありません。誤差や、織り付け、織り降ろし、織り縮みなどにより生じるロスを考慮してご発注ください。 耳糸は60/2~10/2までの綿糸(原糸色)で弊社に在庫があれば無料でご利用頂けます。在庫がない場合、耳糸のご指定がある場合は別途ご用意ください。

About warping specifications Our warping is partial warping using a Hattori partial warping machine with a drum diameter of 250 cm. A separate fee is required for the string aze at the beginning of weaving and the back aze (the amount does not change even if the number of azes is reduced). There are no anti-static devices, ionization devices, twill swings, press rollers, static thread plates, or devices to prevent chattering (twisting). In addition to the nature of the work, the warping width is affected by the weather, humidity, and temperature, and an error of about 3% may occur. The warping length is the total length of the warping, not the weaving length (the length of the finished cloth). Please consider the error and the loss caused by weaving, weaving, shrinkage, etc. when ordering. The ear thread is cotton thread (original thread color) from 60/2 to 10/2 and can be used free of charge if we have it in stock. If it is out of stock, or if you have specified ear thread, please prepare it separately.


フランヂ巻きの場合、対応できるビームは鉄管からのツバ高が24cmまでの移動可能なフランヂ(フランヂが固定されたビームには対応出来ません)で、直径11cm全長215cm未満の鉄管および両端に突起のあるツダコマ製、一部角穴のビーム(ご注文時に角穴一片の長さをご連絡ください)です。整経巾は最大170cm、整経長は使用するビームに対して最大整経可能数量の80%程度までをお勧めしています。成果物は糸部分にビニールを巻いた状態でのお渡しとなります。配送対応は出来ません。 機草巻きの場合、対応できる千切り(木枠、角枠など)は全長130cm程度までの角穴のもの(ご注文時に角穴一片の長さをご連絡ください)整経長は300M程度まで、配送対応も可能です。機草は弊社がご用意(無料)させて頂きます。使用した機草は次回ご発注時に必ず全てご返却ください。

In the case of flange winding, the beam that can be used is a movable flange with a brim height of up to 24 cm from the iron pipe (cannot correspond to a beam with a fixed flange), an iron pipe with a diameter of 11 cm and a total length of less than 215 cm, and protrusions on both ends. This is a beam made by Tsudakoma with some square holes (please let us know the length of each square hole when ordering). We recommend a maximum warping width of 170 cm and a warping length of up to 80% of the maximum warpable quantity for the beam to be used. The deliverable will be delivered with vinyl wrapped around the thread. Delivery is not available. In the case of machine grass winding, the shreds (wooden frame, square frame, etc.) that can be handled are those with square holes up to a total length of about 130 cm (please inform us of the length of each square hole when ordering) Delivery is also available. We will prepare the grass (free of charge). Please be sure to return all used grasses when you place an order next time.


整経に耐える強度の無い糸、ガラス繊維、シルクを含むフィラメント糸には対応できません。チーズ糊付け加工糸は必ず一度リワインドして下さい。極端に太い糸、細い糸、強撚で撚りが止まっていない糸につきましては、強度があっても仕様により対応出来ない場合があります。 部分整経は手整経に比べロスが大きく、整経長が短いほどその割合が大きくなるため、25M以下のご注文、手紡ぎ等の貴重な糸、金銀糸のような高額な糸につきましては手整経されることをお勧めいたします。 デザインのイメージ画や参考画像、雑誌等の切り抜き、写真によるご指定は賜われません。簡単なもので構いませんので、縞割もしくは整経指図書にてご指定ください。また、盗用もしくは盗用の疑いがあるデザインはお引き受けできませんのでご理解ください。

It cannot be used for yarns that are not strong enough to withstand warping, glass fibers, and filament yarns containing silk. Be sure to rewind the cheese glued thread once. For extremely thick threads, thin threads, and threads that have not stopped twisting due to strong twisting, we may not be able to handle them depending on the specifications even if they are strong. Partial warping has a larger loss than hand warping, and the shorter the warping length, the larger the ratio. Therefore, for orders of 25M or less, valuable threads such as hand-spun, and expensive threads such as gold and silver threads. We recommend that you perform manual warping. Design images, reference images, cutouts from magazines, etc., and photographs cannot be specified. A simple one is fine, so please specify it in the stripe split or the warping instruction. Also, please understand that we cannot accept designs that are plagiarized or suspected of being plagiarized.

please note


フランヂの反り、ブレ、割れによる糸の緩みや食い込み。経て継ぎ、リーチング作業の失敗及び糸の品質、運搬、配送時のトラブルにより問題が生じた場合。地震、台風、火災等の災害により被害が生じた場合の補償対応は出来ません。保険等にご加入いただくか、ご理解の上ご発注いただき、整経加工後は速やかにお引き取り頂くことをお勧めいたします。 明らかに整経加工作業の不備により製織が困難となった場合、既にお支払いいただいた整経代金を上限に補償させて頂きます。送料、使用された糸、製品等その他一切の補償につきましては対応致しかねますので、ご注意ください。

Loosening or biting of threads due to flange warpage, blurring, or cracking. When a problem occurs due to a failure in the leaching work, thread quality, transportation, or delivery. We cannot provide compensation in the event of damage caused by a disaster such as an earthquake, typhoon, or fire. We recommend that you purchase insurance, etc., or place an order after understanding it, and pick it up immediately after warping. If weaving becomes difficult due to apparently inadequate warping work, we will compensate up to the warping price you have already paid. Please note that we cannot provide any compensation for shipping charges, used threads, products, etc.

CONTACT / お問い合わせ

各種お問い合わせ (オーダーについて・規格外品の依頼・取材・その他)は

For various inquiries (orders, non-standard product requests, interviews, etc.),
please use the inquiry form below.